Due to the changes from COVID-19, there are a number of different scenarios for where college students should register to vote this year. This guidance follows general principles of residency for voting purposes, but you should check with your local election officials for the specific voter registration rules where you live.

Campus Vote Project is providing the following guidance for thinking about where to register. Email info@campusvoteproject.org with questions or concerns.

What do I do if I’m currently staying somewhere that isn’t campus and isn’t my home? You can choose to register or remain registered at your last permanent address if you consider that to be your home. Residency laws (which determine how long you need to have lived somewhere in order to vote there) do differ from state to state. Check your state-specific rules.

What if I know that I will stay registered at my campus address for years to come even though I won’t be there this semester? What if my campus is my permanent address? You can still register at your campus address, if you intend to return after your temporary absence due to COVID 19.

What happens if I register on campus and then have to leave campus partially through the semester due to COVID-19? You may be able to reregister at the address that you’ve been displaced to. As long as it’s before the deadline. Check your state-specific rules. If you choose to stay registered at your campus address, make sure that you have a mail-in ballot delivered to an address that you’re confident you can access mail from in any scenario.

This info is provided by Fair Elections Center and Campus Vote Project. They intend the information to be used only as a general guide. The resource should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a licensed legal professional.

For questions or concerns about this resource, contact info@campusvoteproject.org. You can also view the original resource here.

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