How do I invite new people to my voting team?

While on your dashboard, navigate to the Invite Friends button and open it.

This will open an Invite Friends screen with a message and unique referral link.

If you want to invite new users to a sub-team, be sure to originate the Invite Friends screen from that sub-team. Otherwise, you may invite new people to the main team instead. (If that happens, you still earn points toward your Invite Score and the new user can search for and find your sub-team!) You can tell which team you are inviting people to because the Invite Friends screen will note the team's name and logo.

Copy your referral link and share it with anyone you'd like to invite. When you sign up a brand new member, you earn 10 points and they earn 5 extra points for signing up. If they’re already on another Motivote team, you still earn 2 and they get 5 for joining Motivote Demo Dashboard. (You only get the points when they sign up.)

What should I say to invite new members?

The organization hosting your voting team prepared a message template for you to copy/paste, which is accessible on the Invite Friends screen. Just click the yellow copy button to capture it on your clipboard and paste it wherever you'd like, such as in an email or social media. Once pasted, feel free to edit the message to make it sound like it's coming from you.

What are the different channels I can use to invite new members?

You can copy/paste both the template message and the referral link in whatever channel you'd like. To make it easy, you can also click open one of the social media or email buttons at the bottom of the Invite Friends screen, which will share a pre-populated message with your referral link already in it.

How do I figure out who to invite?

For support in figuring out who in your network to invite, we suggest one of our trainings on Network-Mapping. View more on trainings here.

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