What is a voting team?

A voting team is a group that users can join. Teams have a nested structure, so that you can create or join sub-teams within teams. Each organization has a main team at its dashboard that encompasses all other teams.

Can I be part of multiple teams?

Yes, Motivote users can be part of multiple teams. The points you earn will count toward the total for any team you are on. You will complete Get-Ready-to-Vote Actions only once.

How do I know what teams I'm on?

You can see what teams you're joined to in a couple ways:

  • Icon: There is an icon next to all teams you're part of on the All Teams tab of the Team Leaderboard.

  • Tab: There is a My Teams tab on the Team Leaderboard that lists only the teams you are joined to.

  • Profile: Users can also see all teams they are joined to on their profile.

How do I join a new team?

See this article on the topic.

How do I create a new team?

See this article on the topic.

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