How do prizes work?

Users can win prizes with the points they earn on Motivote. Motivote currently uses a raffle model. You can use your points to enter to win the raffle. The number of points you see in the yellow button is the cost of entering to win the prize. While the points while be subtracted from your Points Store total when you enter, they will stay stored in your Lifetime Points tracker.

Does everyone on Motivote see the same prizes?

No. While all Motivote users see universal prizes, many organizations will also provide specific prizes just for their members. These organization-specific prizes may show to all users on a dashboard or just to specific teams. You will only see team-specific prizes in the Prize Store if you are joined to that team and on that team's page.

How do I learn more about the prize before entering?

Open the Prize Tile to learn more about the brand, the number of the prize that are available, and the drawing schedule. To open the Prize Tile, click the yellow button that displays the number of points.

What happens when I enter to win a prize?

When you click the Enter Raffle button in the Prize Tile, your entry is logged in the Motivote system. (You will have a chance to confirm you wish to enter before finalizing.) Winners are selected on a weekly basis using a random number generator.

How often are winners selected?

Users can enter to win prizes with the points they have earned. Motivote draws winners on a weekly basis, unless otherwise determined with partner organizations.

How do I know if I won the prize?

Motivote emails winners of prizes on a weekly basis. At this time, we will send you the prize directly (if it's a digital code) or we will connect you with the business to provide you the prize.

How can I share a prize idea?

Contact us using the chat in the bottom right of your dashboard or email

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