Here are the Actions that Motivote users are able to complete to get ready to vote in their Next Election. Depending on the voting method you select, you will see just some of these actions. Actions open at dates relative to the Next Election Date, so you will not see them all at once.

All Voting Methods

  • Create Your Account [automatically completed when you sign up]

  • Find Your Next Election

  • Add Profile Picture

  • Get Election Reminders [verify your phone number]

  • Tell Us About Yourself

  • Enter Your Birthday

  • Put Election Day on your Calendar

  • Check Your Voter Registration Status

  • Get Registered to Vote [shows only if not registered]

  • Select Your Voting Method

  • Check Out Your Ballot Guide

Early Voting

  • Make a Plan to Vote - Early

  • Check Your Voter ID Requirements - Early

  • Verify Your Vote - Early [selfie share]

In-Person Voting

  • Make a Plan to Vote - In-Person

  • Check Your Voter ID Reqs - In-Person

  • Verify Your Vote - In-Person [selfie share]

Absentee/Mail-In Voting

  • Make a Plan to Vote - Absentee/Mail-In

  • Confirm "Excuse" to Absentee Vote [shows only in states that require excuse]

  • Request Your Absentee or Mail-In Ballot

  • Confirm You Got Your Absentee Ballot

  • Mail Back Your Absentee Ballot [selfie share]

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