What communications can I expect from Motivote?

When you sign up for Motivote, you are opting into occasional communications via both email and SMS, which are intended to keep you informed of Actions to complete and election-related deadlines.

When you complete the "Get Election Reminders" Action, this will verify your phone number with Motivote and opt you into occasional communications. If you do not complete this Action, you will not receive SMS communications from Motivote.

There are 3 categories of notifications we send:

  • Weekly Digest: This is a weekly email with that includes info about your next election, your up-to-date Invite Score and Points Score, and the latest prizes available in the Prize Store. The purpose of this email is to keep you in the loop about your progress on Motivote and the different ways you can engage.

  • Election & Action Reminders: These email and SMS notifications will let you know about available Actions that you have not yet completed, which will help you get ready to vote and/or support others. You will typically get this notification when an Action has an upcoming deadline so that you have an opportunity to fulfill it. You will also receive notifications about your Next Election, which are based on your selected Voting Method. These will contain specific information about how to vote in your state and how to share your "I Voted" selfie.

  • Referral Updates: You will receive this notification when someone joins Motivote using your referral link, with your current Invite Score and Points Score.

How can I change my communications settings?

Navigate to your Profile to choose which communications you want to receive. On your Profile, click on Settings.

Under Notification Settings, you can check and uncheck boxes for the type of notifications you want to receive. Click Save changes to update your preferences.

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