How do I create a new team?

Navigate to the team that you want to create a sub-team within. Click Create New button on the top right of your dashboard. This will open a window that walks you through the steps of creating a new team.

Where does the new team exist in the team structure?

Motivote has a nested team structure. You will be creating a "child" team that is nested within a "parent" team. Make sure that you click the Create New Team button while on the team page for team that you want to create your new team within. On the Create New Team window, you will see "Main Team" name and logo. When you create a new team, it will be nested within that Main Team.

What should I put in my team name and description?

This is your choice, though your organization may provide specific instructions.

  • Team Name: This is the name of your team, which will appear on leaderboards and other lists of team memberships. Keep this to no more than a few words.

  • Team Description: Use this field to provide a description of what your team is all about. This will appear on your team's overview tab, visible to others in your network who are not members and to current members. While the description is optional, it's highly recommended. We suggest 1-2 short paragraphs.

  • Team Logo: You can add a logo to your team. The logo is the circular image that displays in the top left corner of your team's page. If you don't upload a logo, the team you create will "inherit" the logo of the team that it is nested within.

Note that some organizations have policies against specific types of content being displayed in team names and descriptions. These policies will be noted in the Create New Team window. User-created teams that do not align with organization-specific policies will be edited or removed from the platform.

How do I know if my team should be set to public or private?

This is your choice, though your organization may provide specific instructions.

  • Public teams are viewable by anyone on your network's dashboard. Anyone in the network can join by finding the team and clicking "Join Team." Use this option if you do not prefer control over who joins the team.

  • Private teams are also viewable in team lists (unless the organization has opted for user-created teams to not display publicly dashboard). However, while anyone in the network can view a private team, they cannot join it directly. The only way new people can join the team is through a referral link from an organization or current member. Use this option if you want more control over who joins.

How can I edit details for the team I created?

As a user, you cannot edit a team once it is published. However, you can contact Motivote through our chatbot or by emailing and we will make the requested change for you.

Why don't I see a "Create New Team" button?

Some organizations have opted for users to not be able to add new teams themselves. In this case, you can join teams that are set up by the organization. If you have an idea for a team or want to add one, contact your organization's point person.

Why don't I see the team that I just created?

Some organizations have opted for user-created teams to be unlimited. That means they are only visible to the users who create them and to people these users directly invite. In this case, the only way to join a user-created team is to be invited directly. While user-created teams will not show up in the Teams tab, if you are joined to one of these teams, it will show on your My Teams list and in your Profile.

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